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Common sense... not so common.

Dictionnaire Philosophique [1764]

Variations on a Theme

All Things Creative

Gerald Charles Wagner, Ph.D.

Champaign, Illinois  61820
"Creativity, like common sense, is not so common."


Ph.D. Chemistry University of Illinois Chicago, IL 1975
Thesis Dissertation on the Spectroscopic and Dynamic
Properties of Model Ferrous Heme Complexes
B.Sc. Chemistry University of Illinois Chicago, IL 1970
Honors in Liberal Arts and Sciences
Distinction in Chemistry
A.Sc. Computer Science Parkland College Champaign, IL 1992

Curriculum Vitae

2003−16 MOTIF-Z Productions Education & Technology Research Consultant
  Champaign, IL   founded 1988
2000−02 Argus Systems Group Corporate Communications Internet Systems
  Savoy, IL   Manager
1998−00 Eastern Illinois University User Services−ITS IT Consultants
  Charleston, IL   Manager
1991−97 Parkland College Natural Sciences−Chemistry Adjunct • Affiliate
  Champaign, IL   Instructor
1984−89 University of Illinois−UIUC Physics Research Professor
  Urbana, IL   Co-Principal Investigator
1978−84 University of Illinois−UIUC Biochemistry Research Scientist
  Urbana, IL   Co-Principal Investigator
1975−78 University of Illinois−UIUC Biochemistry Research Fellow
  Urbana, IL   NSF • NIH
1972−75 American Dental Association Developmental Biology Research Consultant
  Chicago, IL   Biochemistry
1971−75 University of Illinois−UIC Chemistry Graduate Assistant
  Chicago, IL   Chemistry
1969−70 Michael Reese Medical Center Pediatrics Research Research Assistant
  Chicago, IL   Chemistry

Affiliations and Honors

American Association for the Advancement of Science
American Chemical Society
American Men and Women of Science
American Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology (Elected Member)
Biophysical Society
Bradley University Scholarship
National Institutes of Health Fellowships
National Science Foundation, National Needs Fellowship
Parkland College 1996 Award for Excellence in Teaching, Learning, and Technology
State of Illinois Scholarship

Research and Technology

Selected BibliographySelected Languages

Pioneered the molecular study of biological oxidation enzymes for two decades—expertise ranging from the cornerstones of modern biochemistry and biophysics. Skilled in secure operating systems; content management packages; Internet systems administration; assembler, object-orientated, scripted, and relational database languages; user-interface best practices (WAI) and design standards (W3C); search engine strategies (SEO); and in the design and application of optical-, mechanical-, electrical-, and computer-interfaced research devices.

  • Co-authored over fifty research studies; publications in leading, peer-reviewed journals: Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci.; J. Amer. Chem. Soc.; J. Biol. Chem.; Biophys. J.; Biochim. Biophys. Acta; FEBS Lett.
  • Accepted invitations to speak at international scientific conferences held in the USA, Canada, Germany, and Japan; adept at creative presentations for diverse audiences.
  • Developed numerous dynamic web-based enterprise-level information systems for clients with Fortune 100 needs, including secure and custom intranets for corporate employees and partners.
  • Provided creative marketing presentations, software design architectures, patent applications, and SEO strategies for technology start-up enterprises seeking entrepreneurial funding and growth.

Management and Service

Selected CommunicationsSelected Readings

Directed culturally-diverse groups of scientists for twelve years in collaborative research programs at the university level; coordinated the interdisciplinary work of colleagues, and mediated human relations with senior members. Managed for several years a group of consultants who provided campus-wide Internet services—user support included training, troubleshooting, and asynchronous learning initiatives. Guided junior adjunct faculty; mentored returning service veterans; served at commencement ceremonies; conducted faculty computer workshops; judged regional science fairs.

  • Secured extensive federal funding at the UIUC campus; grantsmanship skills—orchestrated the successful defense of a NIH site inspection reviewing a five year, $1.4-million program.
  • Assumed the editorial review—over two years—of manuscripts submitted for publication in Biochem. Biophys. Res. Commun; fluent in The Chicago Manual of Style.
  • Guided Parkland's Natural Sciences committee that directed the development of a computer laboratory; authored a comprehensive plan of action for academic computer resources.
  • Shared five years of cooperative learning expertise at forums sponsored by Parkland's Center for Excellence; versed in Classroom Assessment Techniques (Angelo and Cross) and group dynamics.

Curriculum and Assessment

Selected EvaluationsSelected Projects

Taught for a total of ten years at the community college and university levels—general chemistry; experimental organic, analytical, and advanced biochemistry; and general physics. Developed a graduate-level curriculum in biochemistry that stressed contemporary research methodology. Ranked in the 92th percentile by students over four years—96th for the last two years—as an effective teacher of general chemistry. Trained in customer service programs—proactive support and team building concepts—designed for information technology professionals.

  • Developed a versatile group assessment technique (GAT) that combines active learning with student learning styles, team management (TQM) practices, and transferable communication skills.
  • Conceived interactive and multimedia forms of instruction, including Connections³ on the World-Wide Web, to present topics about the environment, culture, gender and ethics in science.
  • Created a computerized version of Chemical Mah Jongg to foster positive perceptions of science, while promoting skills in problem solving, memorization, and computer literacy.
  • Devised a highly-successful constructivist method of mathematical problem-solving that draws on a person's innate ability to solve visual puzzles (dominos) with well-defined goals.


Common sense... not so common.

Dictionnaire Philosophique [1764]





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