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The web of our life is of a mingled yarn,...

...good and ill together.

William Shakespeare
All's Well That Ends Well [1601-1603]

Variations on a Theme

All Things Creative

Teachers like you are rare, and I hope that you continue teaching.
You helped me believe in my ability to do chemistry problems. You pushed, knowing that we could accomplish our goals if we worked hard. I think you are a great teacher.
I have learned skills that will help me forever. You can really get the best out of people. Chemistry was a real scare to me, but you made it as painless as possible. You are the best teacher I ever had.
...(it's) wonderful to have an instructor who shows so much enthusiasm, (who) really made it fun, so it was easier to learn. I appreciate the way you care about your students. You take the time to approach them when you think they are having problems instead of waiting for them to come to you.
But here I feel that I can talk about things in class and can talk to him outside of class. He creates a great atmosphere in class. I wouldn't change a thing. excellent teacher...always well-prepared, easy to understand, and is truly one of the best teachers I've had. I appreciate his true concern for his students and his desire to help them any way possible.
He always taught from the student's perspective.... No teacher I've ever had has a more effective teaching style. I am not alone in the opinion that you are the best instructor in this chemistry department.
Working in groups helped me learn more.... You have many ways of making difficult things a little easier, e.g. dominos, the way you related things to real world situations.
I truly enjoyed your class. I really appreciate your teaching style and approach to problems. You helped me understand many things that I had trouble with in the past.
I had a great time in a subject that I dislike. Thank you.
Among the teachers that I have had in this country, he is one of the best at explaining material and caring about the students. I appreciate his effort very much. He is the one who tried hardest to make students them not only to succeed in chemistry but also to survive and succeed in real life.
...available for help anytime, he talks you through the problem...and the best feature is his ability to stimulate.
Another positive aspect of his teaching was to make students responsible for their mistakes and actions and to hold them accountable.
You involved me in class, knew my name, and I actually learned chemistry. Your visual aids were great and I approve of your groups.
You are a mentor to me,... but more importantly, I learned from you what it takes to be a good teacher. You made me want to learn the stuff (and I hate chemistry)! ...because you do not accept mediocrity! I'm grateful I had this opportunity to learn life from you. This will be a summer I'll never forget. Thanks for being a great friend, educator and mentor.
I wonder if Parkland is aware of how fortunate they are to have him?


The web of our life is of a mingled yarn,...

...good and ill together.

William Shakespeare
All's Well That Ends Well [1601-1603]





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